About Roshan Shetty

I took to writing a book, posting blogs and recording podcasts almost 3 years ago. This labor of love is geared toward understanding our emotions and the role they play in shaping our behaviors and habits. My tryst with anxiety four years ago was transformative. It led me to study human vulnerability, the factors that augment them and how they can be transformed into faithful allies. My journey is certainly not unique. But it demonstrates what is possible when you defeat your pain and conquer your struggles instead of getting engulfed by it.

When I began my journey of reclaiming my life, I was led to write a book about things that challenged me. As the words flowed, they took me deep into myself. I was determined to find the tools, resources and insights that an ordinary individual like me could use to overcome the challenges life threw at me. I’ve included them all in my book. I hope you will let it lead you as you navigate through your journey—whatever it might be.

It might shock you to learn how effective these resources are and how deeply they can enrich your life. I remind myself every day that we are not defined by what happens to us, but by what becomes of us. This page is my becoming. Thank you for being a witness to it.