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Times have improved for humans. Yes, they have, when you consider the advancements in medical interventions, rising standards of living and per capita income, infrastructure and information technology growth over the past hundred years. We no longer need to travel many miles for medical treatment or to earn a living. We are not compelled to wait for ages to access information on any subject. We no longer depend on limited avenues of employment to feed our homes.

Yet, we don’t seem to be happy. The more our situation improves, the more our lives seem beset with petty problems. These problems lead us to anxieties, depression and all forms of existential crises. Flawed societal ideologies and irrelevant rituals form the bedrock of these complications.

Shift Left is a call to individuals to tweak those damaging dogmas and bring about a massive change within themselves. It urges the reader to unlearn irrelevant societal narratives, keeping media shenanigans at bay, managing our subconscious mind, judiciously indulging in ephemeral pleasures, learning that inter-personal relationships can be mended tactfully and in studying the nature of our fears. It further explores how technology is positioned to shape our lives in the future and the emotional intelligence we will need to supersede the artificial intelligence of machines, apps and systems. Eventually, concluding with the moral code and the legacy we must aim to leave.


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My quotes are a reflection of thoughts storming my mind at random.

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Get Well-being hacks through my videos which are lucid and to the point.


I took to writing a book, posting blogs and recording podcasts almost 3 years ago. This labor of love is geared toward understanding our emotions and the role they play in shaping our behaviors and habits. My tryst with anxiety four years ago was transformative. It led me to study human vulnerability, the factors that augment them and how they can be transformed into faithful allies. My journey is certainly not unique. But it demonstrates what is possible when you defeat your pain and conquer your struggles instead of getting engulfed by it.

When I began my journey of reclaiming my life, I was led to write a book about things that challenged me. As the words flowed, they took me deep into myself. I was determined to find the tools, resources and insights that an ordinary individual like me could use to overcome the challenges life threw at me. I’ve included them all in my book. I hope you will let it lead you as you navigate through your journey—whatever it might be.

We live in an epoch of extreme comfort and convenience,
hurtful habits and behaviours not with standing.

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Shift Left – Podcasts

The thought of speaking to an imaginary audience was awkward in the beginning, to say the least. But that’s how you kill awkwardness, you simply go ahead and do it. My experience and energy with Podcasting have only risen since I released my first podcast. The novelty of inviting people from varied walks of life on the show and chatting with them about things that interest me deeply is transcendental to me as a learner.

The topics I speak about are presented with facts so that the session is inspiring to you. These issues and dimensions don’t often get featured on mainstream media, though they are vital to our well-being. If you love sipping a hot cup as you enlighten yourself with some hardcore reality, tune in!

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Words of Importance – Blog

Cutting through the daily news chatter and gossip-mongering feeds, step into my blog section. I try my best to research and give you hard facts to explore the undercurrents dancing over our toes and not been played on your screens (apologies to the newsreaders).

I study the reasons why happiness eludes us, where are we headed in the 21st century, the crux of our relationships, how to create an oasis of calm amid life’s storms and so on.Occasionally, I review some books which I find transformational. This is to give you a gist of it so that you will (maybe) read it and inculcate a good habit. You are always welcome 😊.

My blog has been a medium of wonderful interactions with those who are my biggest strengths—YOU, my reader. You diligently read my posts and write to me. I am immensely grateful for the love you send my way. This is what fuels me up. Keep it coming!

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